Recovery day

Because we had a big hike yesterday, and the drive, we stayed home today. The promised rain never came, so in the afternoon we cycled to Loyal Heights and the kids wrestled on the grass with me for half an hour. I made La Serpiente lead us there on her bike, and Destroyer navigate the way home, in the hope this grants them better navigational skills than the ones I had at their age.
After that I was quite tired, but I had intervals to run today. I thought it was going to be 4 1 km splits, but on paying closer attention to the training plan, it was 5 kilometres, each at my planned race pace, with 200m recoveries, and then 3 200m sprints, with 200m recoveries for those. This turned out to be brutal; I had hellishly heavy legs from the last few days of exercise, and the last 3 km splits were torture.

I hadn’t realised, but with the warm up and cool down, that was 10k. Doing that in an hour was not tremendous pace, but at least the parts at race pace were where they were meant to be. After running around in the baking sun, I came home, the girls went to sleep quickly after a short burst of wailing from Destroyer, and that was the evening done. Tomorrow, a short hike somewhere, I think, and then we have calls with potential builders ..

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