Recovery day

Climbing last night was harder than I’d thought: I couldn’t get out of bed this morning, and it took half an hour of trying and coffee before I finally made it downstairs. The kids were interminably good and awful, arguing about who got to ride the knackered scooter they were gifted by our ex-next door neighbours, and lapsing into tears. Oh, the joy.
In the afternoon I took La Serpiente up to REI, ostensibly to buy new gloves, but also to break up the warring factions. I ended up buying a new coat, then came home and had to try to put the kids to bed. That succeeded after more shouting (do we do anything else in the house at the moment?) and then I won a game of Blood Bowl, which was a nice end to the day. Except I then stayed up for another three hours eating cherries, drinking cider and playing Cyberpunk. When will I learn?

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