Recovery day required

To no surprise, I woke with my legs in agony today, after yesterday’s walk. I think it was probably a bad idea to do 10k in a pair of old Merrells that fell apart half way through, and it also probably wasn’t good, at the girls’ behest, to clown around with them standing on my feet , but these are the decisions we make.
We sauntered down to Biscuit & Bean for my weekly addiction to biscuits. It was hot, but not unpleasant; without a cloud in the sky, we were reaching low 20s this morning, although the heat was on the way up. We got back about 13, the house a blessed relief of cool air, and then we struggled through the rest of the day until the children were asleep, slumbering downstairs.

Then the flashes of lightning came, and as though the weather had just been released, a quick burst of rain at 730. Then a titanic boom about 10, from maybe 15 miles away, and a bit more rain, and then some cool air. No child woke up. Yet.

So tonight I take the sofa and my wife the bed. I wonder what sleep will come before the morning …

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