Recovery position

The massage I had last night was like a colossal off-switch. Not only did it harpoon me in the brain immediately afterwards, I found it almost impossible to get up today. So much for rejuvenation – or perhaps once my body got a taste for pampering, it wanted more.

When I got to the office today, it was to my dismay that I found my computer had also enjoyed a deep massage, or something equivalent such that it didn’t want to do any work today. You might not think sitting in an air conditioner room while other people toil in the sun could be stressful, but at least the guys digging a hole outside have something to show for it.

Actually, they don’t. The guys outside seem to be engaged in that Sisyphean activity beloved of gas technicians around the world: perpetually excavating and then refilling the same patch of tarmac, over and over again. At least when I create a spreadsheet, I really create a spreadsheet.

I went for a run this evening, which went exceptionally quickly: we covered 5 kilometres in just over 23 minutes. I hope I can maintain that up until 2am on Saturday morning. Ot would of course be quite typical for me to burn out three days before the big race. Or pull another flyer out of nowhere on the night. I guess I just like surprises.

To finish the evening off, I had a couple of hours of video editing to do. This is astoundingly slow, yet incredibly quick compared to the pre-digital age. I also learned once again that editing is not my thi,g, although luckily it’s just what my friend likes most. We have very little to show for this yet (maybe ten minutes from two mornings of shooting) but it’s beginning to take shape. I’m most worried now about what name we can come up with…

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