Recovery Tuesday

Today, tired from staying up too late, I was less productive than yesterday. I did at least manage to put the bins out, but my plan to drink a cup of coffee while thinking about the day ahead hit a snag when we had failed to clean the French press yesterday, so I spent my quiet time rinsing out old grounds.
I resubmitted my tax return today. This time, I had to print out 120 pages, to correct an error where I’d put a 9 rather than a 7 in my social security number. Apparently, because I’m due a large refund, I’ll be waiting even longer to get it; in a non-pandemic world, it would be slow enough, but combined with the large amount, the IRS won’t be hurrying to pay me. Ah well. Better than owing the government money.

I drew some graphs, I solved a few problems that I was worried about, and I failed to assemble the Tower of Power. This is the exercise equipment I ordered, and while it will allow me to get strong and improve my climbing again, I need to put it somewhere, and while we lack a finished basement I only have our bedroom (which still has about ten or twelve moving cartons left to unpack). So instead of sorting it out, I play Blood Bowl and then go to bed late. Perhaps tomorrow, a day when I don’t have any matches on, I’ll finally get to it, but because my hand is injured from Sunday, I won’t be able to use it until that heals. So, it’s hard to rush.

I read La Serpiente the start of a new Janet Dogwoman story my father wrote for her. Once again, she was gibbering with glee. Perhaps I will write some Terence Catgirl for Destroyer and see if she receives it similarly…

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