Red sky in the morning

We woke to a beautiful red sky. Unfortunately, that’s because there’s a huge cloud of smoke from all the wildfires in California and eastern Washington, polluting the air and making everything smell of burning. Say what you like, but 2020 has been an inventive year, and it’s not over yet.
Because of the poor air quality, we stayed inside rather than going out, so my regular bike ride with the kids was cancelled. They wanted to stay in and stare at the iPad, so to discourage this my wife told me to make them dance. I can’t dance, so instead I got them to stand on one leg while holding one eye shut and growl like pirates. When the glamour of that wore off, I cajoled them into making paper planes, a task initially met with derision but later with enthusiasm. And then they got on the iPad for ten minutes. But that’s a start.

Today I managed two pull ups on the tower of power, ten knee raises and half a minute of dead hanging. Tomorrow there will be more, and more, until I can return to full climbing with Massive New Arms. Or at least a bit more strength. Bear in mind that at the start of the year, I was getting close to thirty pull ups in a day. To be down to one or two is pretty weak, but something to recover from.

I read La Serpiente some more of my father’s Janet Dogwoman story, which she loves, and then she slept. I wonder how tomorrow will turn out.

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