Regular Friday

I’m still quite good at playing tag with the girls. Somehow, despite my higher centre of gravity, my well-honed ability to execute fast turns and anticipate my children’s movements mean that even when the two of them gang up, I can usually evade them. So that is one skill I can boast about.
This morning I went to get my hair cut. My barber was quite a strange person, asking me what I did that was creative and trying to instill in me a desire to change my entire worldview (or at least how I wanted my hair cut). He also believed that the coronavirus was concocted by big business to control all of us, but then again, you don’t argue with somebody waving a pair of sharp scissors next to your ears. And I got a decent haircut again, after only about six months.

I printed out my US tax return (all sixty pages of it) and then walked the kids home, before taking them on a long bike ride, the aforementioned game of tag in the park, and then home again, by which point we were all worn out but I still had to do a half hour run.

After that I put the kids to bed, reading them some more of the story about Charlie Cat that my mum and dad are composing in episodic form for the girls. They are still rapt with attention throughout to this story of crime fighting cats and dogs – perhaps I should commission some dolls for them.

Then we watched a couple of episodes of Atlanta, a pretty strange film called Sorry To Bother You, and failed to tidy up our living room. On, to the weekend’s adventure!

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