Religious music

I flew to San Jose this afternoon and then got a Lyft to a hotel in Newark. On the 40 minute journey, the driver played K-LOVE on the radio, a religious music station.
This was 40 minutes of dreadful soft rock, the sort where you imagine a drummer with a big grin and bigger hair, gurning as he plays the same 4-4 beat into eternity, while some goon sings about being reborn. For 40 minutes.

Jesu, Joy of Man’s Desiring this was not. I veered from being vaguely distracted by it, to irritated, to finding it quaint again that people would choose to listen to, or make, such awful music. Did the religiosity redeem it? Did it make it worse?

The hotel was a depressing box near an industrial estate, but inside, everyone seemed to be having the time of their life at the bar. So I slunk to my room and ordered a grilled cheese sandwich via room service. My brain is fogged and I’m desperate for sleep. Or some Christian rock.

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