Remote sickness

My wife called me this morning (or this evening – I’m now tired enough to not be able to comprehend timezones) to tell me that the girls were sick. La Serpiente has mouldy feet, and Destroyer is coming down with foot and mouth disease. It’s enough to make you want to stay put on the other side of the Pacific, but I guess I must return to my pestilential family to bring them some succour.

Also, whistles.

Today was busy. I had a minor epiphany about midday, when I finally understood some more of the structure of the company and how one uses that to get things done. And then I had a grilled cheese sandwich to celebrate.

This evening, after calls and meetings, we went out for dinner. The initial choice was Red Lobster (because people like lobster, I think) but cooler heads prevailed and we ended up in a French restaurant in Palo Alto. After which I walked two miles back to my hotel, and then regretted doing so because it was two miles and I really wanted some sleep.

Instead, I packed, and panicked a bit about the girls, and then got myself tucked up in bed with a self-help manual and my phone. No jujubes though, which feels like an utter failure on my part. Oh well, there’s always tomorrow.

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