After school today there was a special assembly where a man from a reptile zoo in Munroe cane to show the children some animals – the dining hall was packed with excited kids, who gratifyingly paid attention when they were shusshed and were respectful of the gila monster, monkey lizard, soft shelled turtle and alligator when they were brought out. Even when the alligator peed over them.

Highlights were either when seven small children had to pick up a Burmese Python, or learning that an alligator will go to sleep if you cover its eyes, or that soft shelled turtles have very long necks, or just that our kids want nothing more for the President’s Day holiday than to go to the reptile zoo and see more snakes and lizards.

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  1. What a lovely experience for them both. And which president do you commemorate on President,’s Day or is it Presidents’ Day ?

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