Resolutions 2020 – January

Not wonderful so far.

  • I tried to find a banjo teacher, failed, haven’t been practicing.
  • I haven’t got round to volunteering for anything. I was meaning to last weekend, Blood Bowl interfered, which is a lame excuse for not helping the community. Next weekend.
  • I’ve read no books this year, unless you count the rulebook for a Games Workshop game about aircraft, and the first few chapters of a book about AT&T. I’m not sure why I’m not reading so much, but I think it’s probably TV.
  • I’ve taken off one afternoon in January. Call that a 25% completion rate?
  • I’m playing quite a bit of Blood Bowl. I really couldn’t say if I’m improving or not…
  • I’m not sleeping more, and I’m still eating dreadful food.
  • … which means I’ve put on weight, not gained it.
  • Not touched the new novel.
  • We hiked in Discovery Park. I suppose that’s a start.
  • Juggling? Huh?

So, that’s 2.25 out of 10. Plenty of room to improve for the next 11 months.

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  1. Cushtie you VOLUNTEER everyday looking out for La serpiente and Destroyer. Time to volunteer in the community when your life is a little less frantic.

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