Resolutions – Q2 Progress

One of my meta-resolutions was to keep close track of progress against my resolutions this year. Travelling to Canada did put a bit of a crimp in that plan, so, only 16 days late, I bring you the Q2 update on my resolutions:

Read more: according to my Q1 post, I’d read only 5 books, so I was 7 books behind. If I look now at my list of book reviews, I can see a total of 10 for this year, but none before April, so I guess I’m counting something wrong. Oh dear. Fiddling around in the back end of my database I see I got to 17 books by the end of the half (9 behind) and one as soon as I got into July. (Even if it was a dreadful Bond book). So I’m losing ground, but there’s still some chance to catch up.
Learn to juggle: Well, I’ve not been so assiduous at practicing as I should. I’ve improved (slowly) but I’m still not competent. An issue here is that I’m not doing 10 minutes every day.
Stand on my head: Making some good gains before my holiday, but have slipped back since. This has been hard to concentrate on while on holiday, and while jet-lagged. Now I’ve got those obstacles out the way, I can concentrate on it again.
Be able to swim a few lengths of the pool: I can do about 40 metres now. I had a nasty surprise in a pool on Sunday when I thought I could swim from one end to the other, and only realised part way that it was a 50 metre pool and not a 25 metre one.
Get to parkrun again: Still not progressed on this one.
Fix my plantar fascitis and not have terrible things happen to my neck. (And have better posture).: It comes, it goes. Since I’ve been in Canada, my plantar fascitis has been acting up a bit – not excruciating pain, but that nagging pain in the morning and sometimes during the day. I think this may have been brought on by the shift to my new office, where I went from roughly 6,000 steps every day in the old place, to easily doing 10,000 every day since we moved.
Acquire 100,000 Instagram followers: 90 on airport.carpets. So only 99,910 to go.
Write the first draft of my novel: Still zero words written this year. That’s going to be a struggle.
Walk my kids to school every day that I’m in Singapore: Still only one failure so far this year.
Remember all my friends’ birthdays and do something for each of them: we could have a placeholder for this, saying “oops. Have not been good at this so far this year”.
Figure out our long term escape plan from Singapore – where are we going, and when?: Not much progress made on this, although I’ve figured out a few things will be difficult to attempt and so I’m thinking about ways around them. Although today, somebody at the office told me there was a rumour I was moving to the US. So perhaps my mind has been made up for me.

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