Resolutions – Q3 Update

Read more: By the end of June I’d got to 17 books (9 behind my target.) I haven’t been great at closing the gap. While I’ve read a few great books (Factfulness this week come to mind) it seems I’m getting further and further behind. Main culprits: reading too much film-flam on the Internet, watching too much Netflix and playing lots of time-consuming online Blood Bowl (a new addiction)
Learn to juggle: Still not practicing enough, although I picked up my balls last weekend and managed a decent run of throws before somebody looked at me and it all went wrong again.
Stand on my head: I was optimistic when I got back from our summer holiday that I’d pick this up again, but progress has really stalled. On the other hand, I’m exercising a lot more (this week and last week I went climbing at least 4 times, I’m up to being able to do 30 pull-ups in one session, and so on) so I’m hoping renewed concentration in the remaining three months helps.
Be able to swim a few lengths of the pool: I did 50 metres (two and a half lengths of the pool at Swish) the other week, and now I’m disappointed if I do less than two lengths on the trot. So consider that achieved.
Get to parkrun again: nothing in nine months now.
Fix my plantar fascitis and not have terrible things happen to my neck. (And have better posture).: Mostly good. Occasional twinges, but really nothing major any more. The bigger risk has been occasionally tweaking a muscle in my neck with all the pull-ups.
Acquire 100,000 Instagram followers: 275 followers on my non-joke account, but only 107 on airport.carpets. So only 99,725 to go.Write the first draft of my novel: Still zero words written this year. What is going on there?
Walk my kids to school every day that I’m in Singapore: Still only one failure so far this year.
Remember all my friends’ birthdays and do something for each of them: indeed, I should have a placeholder for this, saying “oops. Have not been good at this so far this year”.
Figure out our long term escape plan from Singapore – where are we going, and when?: we’ll, I think I know when: 15 December 2019. Where remains to be seen.

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