Rest day

After staying up too late last night, I felt wrecked, so after dropping the girls off at school I had an hour’s nap, which got me close enough to life again. Because we haven’t done anything for the last six months, the garden is beginning to get overrun again, and so after school I got the girls to help me uproot weeds and pull up morning glory from around the garden. The girls seem strangely excited by the prospect of yard work, and we haven’t even suggested this is a chore that might be rewarded with pocket money…
I told the girls if they ate their lunch quickly enough I’d take them to get doughnuts. La Serpiente complied but Destroyer fell into a mess of tears when I told her that if it took her an hour to eat a quesadilla then she wouldn’t get a doughnut. It took another ten minutes to calm her down, but we needed to rush her in order to make it to the doughnut shop before it closed.

Thankfully we made it there in time to get doughnuts, and then back in time for me to get a game of Blood Bowl. I even managed to win, which has been a rare occurrence.

My legs are really sore from climbing on Thursday night, so I spent a bit of time gimping around. Tomorrow La Serpiente and I are going on a long hike; I hope we both survive…

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