I hired a car today and drove down to the USPS annex in Ballard. This is a utilitarian building where you go to collect packages when USPS fails to deliver them. Like when they lied about not being able to find the front door to my house. (The giveaway was probably that I was in all day and they never came, and there wasn’t even a note through the letterbox saying they’d tried.)
The parcels were big and heavy: a table, a toaster and a vacuum cleaner. I can see why you wouldn’t want to deliver them, but that if that’s your job… Anyway, the annex is an odd place. You go there, write your address on a form, press the doorbell, which may or may not do anything, and eventually a person comes to see to you.

I’d been warned that this took an hour, between surly staff and time spent hunting down your package, but from first press of the doorbell to having all my packages took 5 minutes, so no complaints there.

Then I went off to look for furniture, returning home after a brief and depressing foray to a mall that’s being demolished in 6 days, bearing a floor lamp that’s lacking any light bulbs. Still, that gave me something to do this evening.

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