Return to an old friend

This morning, after putting the kids to school, we drove over to the Hyundai dealership where our old car is parked and stripped it of all our possessions: the roof rack, the innumerable bits of origami the kids made in the summer, and La Serpiente’s pocket knife.
The car has been on the lot for almost four months at this point, so it’s a bit grubby but otherwise fine. There are a couple of spots of mould inside the boot, but those should wipe off easily enough. I realised how I missed having a car that was bright red and fun to drive … But hopefully the new car comes soon.

After that, we stopped for dim sum as my wife was ravenous, and then went home to tidy up a bit. In the afternoon I collected the girls from school and took them ice skating.

This was a little bit dodgy, as children under 12 are meant to be supervised by an adult on the rink, and I don’t think they mean "an adult sitting on the sideline because of a potentially bust wrist" but the girls managed to refrain from colliding with anyone. La Serpiente did half an hour of skating and declared herself tired and hungry, but she’d unwittingly provoked her sister’s competitive streak, and had to wait while Destroyer did another half hour of laps of the rink.

Then I took them to the Starbucks and got them hot chocolate, went to Barnes and Noble to look at books (Destroyer got very cross when we didn’t buy any) and then home, where Destroyer went quickly to sleep, exhausted by skating, and La Serpiente stayed up listening to Jerome K Jerome. Another day done and dusted.

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