Return to fish

We took the girls to the aquarium this morning, and they spent most of two hours at the touch tanks, mesmerised by anenomes and sea cucumbers. After that, a trip to Pike Place Market for the first time in maybe two years, with overpriced, overly greasy Chinese food for lunch, and then a drive down to check out different tile combinations for the renovation.
After that, we dropped Destroyer and La Serpiente off with our neighbours while we ran errands like the laundry and charging the car. We got them back and after some demands, gave them The Secret Lives Of Pets to watch as a movie tonight. This may have backfired when neither child slept until past nine this evening, but what was I meant to be doing anyway?

Answer: panicking about my Blood Bowl team. They’re now painted and almost complete, just in time for the tournament. And so to bed.

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