Return to Office Space

I went to the office today; I’d had my desk reassigned to a different floor.

My old desk was with a nice view of the street outside, enough natural light to brighten my mood without so much that there was glare. My new desk, on a different floor, is right next to the door to the toilet, in the dead centre of the building, so the only window in sight is facing onto a building across an alleyway, and there’s a air conditioning unit right above my head that’s making a near constant din.

Oh, and every other desk had a chair apart from mine.

I’d gone to the office to concentrate, assuming there would be constant loud noises from the builders today. Ironically, there was just one guy working on our front steps today, whereas the cumulative effect of everything being a bit wrong, like I was in a community reenactment of Milton from Office Space being plunged into the basement of his building, meant it was impossible to get work done properly, my concentration ruined by all the distractions.

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