The Rhesus Chart

I flew into London today on a crowded Air Canada flight, went back to my parents’ house and picked up the signed copy of The Rhesus Chart that we got as an anniversary present, and started reading. Including pauses for jet lag recovery, I finished it at 11pm, and now it’s time for bed.

I prefer this to The Apocalypse Codex; it’s tighter, and the gloom isn’t such a surprise the second time around, whereas the earlier lurch in tone from the happier early Laundry novels to this was distracting. Although it’s written as an on-ramp for new readers to the series as well as for the familiar audience, I didn’t feel too annoyed by the constant explanation of what was going on, although Stross’ tendency to use the same joke twice in a book (shades of Neal Stephenson and the repetitive definition of loglo in Snow Crash) can get wearing.

The vampires are fun, and dealt with in an interesting way. What starts of feeling like a satire of high frequency trading and evil traders quickly snaps back into more familiar Laundry territory, and there aren’t as many memorable one-liners as in previous books in the series, but perhaps by reading it at a gallop today I missed out on a few finer details.

Not much else to say right now. If you haven’t read any of these before, this is an acceptable start to the series, but I still feel you’d be better off beginning with The Atrocity Archives. And make sure your signed copy has the right inscription on it…

That's not the way to do it (when it's an anniversary)
That’s not the way to do it (when it’s an anniversary)


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