Riding out again

I had a day mostly of phone calls and meetings, but as usual I arranged to take an hour off to entertain the girls. This time it was fairly easy to persuade them to go biking. Destroyer sits on my bike, La Serpiente rides hers, and they sing mind numbingly repetitive songs as we ride along.
As we went past the school, we got to talking about arithmetic and La Serpiente asked me for a question so I asked her to add 18 and 5,and she fell off her bike. So maths is not always that safe.

Fortunately her unicycle riding has made her agile enough to get out of a low speed crash, and somehow she kept her footing and hot back on the bike. We rode the rest of the way without any distracting mathematical questions

When we got there, I realised I’d not brought enough snacks, and wonder of wonders, the girls were happy to ride home to get more, rather than chastising me. And then I found the extra snacks in another pocket anyway.

On the way back, close to home, La Serpiente fell off again on a bumpy bit of rode and took a bit of skin off her leg. A little shocked, she rode home, and didn’t make a fuss. My tough little cyclist.

Tonight, the exercise worked as she went straight to sleep. Destroyer tossed and turned, and eventually my wife fell asleep next to her, whole I played games downstairs and assumed she’d gone for a walk. So that was that.

Also, we taught the girls a new card game, Taco and Burrito. I’m not sure if it’s any good or not. A full evaluation is required…

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