Rolling around

Today we made La Serpiente empty the dishwasher in the morning, now she’s achieved the heady age of eight years old and we want some more responsibility for her. Or because I don’t want to have to be the one that empties the dishwasher for the next fifteen years when my kids should be capable of doing that.

I had the day off in lieu of Independence Day, as that fell on a Sunday this year. It felt like nobody else did because there was a constant stream of people coming to the house, to cut down and remove a beautiful tree in the back garden, and to survey the house by drone as a precursor for knocking the whole thing down and building some anonymous townhomes, like everyone else in Ballard does. (I feel that would be a crime, as the house is a lovely example of an early twentieth century build, with a charming garden and lovely details throughout. But, er, profits?

After drilling La Serpiente on simultaneous equations and playing my banjo, the girls and I headed to the local park so I could coach them on their rollerblades and skates. I’ve never used such things, but I have a vague understanding of posture and balance from all those years of martial arts, cycling and climbing, and La Serpiente is already confident on her blades, so most of the time I spent ushering Destroyer around and reaching her when she pitched over. Professional help is being sought …

Later, we tried putting up our new tent (15 minutes up, 15 minutes down, which is great) and then Destroyer was climbing in a tree and got stung by a wasp, which led to howls and weeping, poor dear.

After the last four days of increasingly late bedtimes, I made an effort to get the kids bathed, fed and read to by eight, and I was mostly successful; both girls asleep by 8:15 and me at the climbing gym by 8:30. Although that does mean another evening of resting my shoulder with an ice pack on it…. Gradual improvements!

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