Ron’s Gone Wrong

For a treat this evening, we let the girls watch a film, Ron’s Gone Wrong, a fairly on-the-nose animated comedy for kids about how social media is designed to exploit them. In the film, almost every kid has a dustbin-sized plastic robot, a B-Bot, that follows them around and enables social networking. That is, except the protagonist, Barney, whose family can’t afford one.
Barney ends up with Ron, a shop-soiled B-Bot with software problems, who turns out to be a better friend than all the regular B-Bots.

There’s adventure, embarrassment and a cathartic self-sacrifice at the end in the name of friendship, and this left both girls howling with tears at the end. So, er, thanks for that HBO Max, that was certainly a treat.

I really liked it. The girls enjoyed 95% of it, then had their minds broken. That then went through into bedtime, which was 45 minutes of howling and arguing about who was being put to bed first. Joyous. I had to go out afterwards and buy a pint of ice cream to recover, and then watch the Great British Bake Off.

Well, that prepared me for the weekend. All I want to do now is eat bread.

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