Round the lake and back again

This morning, after a breakfast that was a bit too big at the Chimacum Cafe, we drove to Gibb’s Lake to hike. It’s now two years the girls have hiked in Washington and I was amazed that we managed this one without any complaints. Usually having just our two is a recipe for arguments with no friends to distract them, but they circumnavigated all four miles of the lake without complaint. Part of this may be that we maintained strict distancing between the girls (they always aggravate one another by kicking at each others’ heels).
We didn’t even bribe them with many snacks!

Afterwards, we drove back a grocery store to get ingredients for lunch, and then I napped for two hours on a blanket outside our tent. While not that fascinating to read about, it was a delightful experience I hope to repeat.

Then, down to Port Townsend for another dinner, this time takeaway pizza that was surprisingly good, and (hopefully) a blissful return to sleep without argument from the little ones.

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  1. Lovely to read your blog. I had imagined you’d be off grid for most of the trip. Great to hear what you’re all doing.

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