Rude awakening

Because they had new dresses to wear, La Serpiente woke up her sister at 5 this morning, and then read on the Kindle with the brightness set to max for two hours. I woke groggily to her weeping as my wife took the Kindle away from her and told her she shouldn’t have woken Destroyer.
(Destroyer is a sound sleeper; she might take an age to get to sleep, but she needs her eleven hours per night so I can’t imagine how La Serpiente woke her up.)

As a result, the day was a bit of a crapshow. It was worst early on, getting them to eat breakfast and get out of the house, and then at the end of the day, when fatigue was at its worst. We did at least manage to finish The Voyage Of The Dawn Treader and start The Silver Chair this evening, in between the girls having a punch up over who stepped on one of Destroyer’s bunnies.

My wife went to sleep soon after, while I futzed around with computers and tried to get a game of Blood Bowl. I think with the horrendous WiFi here, that may be on hold for a month.

Meanwhile the house deconstruction continues apace. I went over today to collect a few things and could watch as the chimney was dropped, brick by brick, through the ceiling of the basement. We’re still on schedule for the lift next week … All fingers and toes crossed.

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