Running again

At lunchtime today, with the sun up in the sky and no meetings to take, I put on the running shoes I bought at a discount last November and never used, and went for a run.

Well, I say a run. It was a slow jog, where my heart rate stayed far too high (nudging 160 bpm throughout) as I plodded along at 6 minute km pace, a far cry from my old speeds, but I know that after a prolonged break, I need to focus on building up stamina slowly.

In a moment of demented enthusiasm I signed up for five races this winter, paying for them last night, so now I need to start getting miles in. I have almost two months until the first race, so that’s time to get shipshape, in between printing armies of plastic toys in my porch, returning to climbing and managing to do my job properly too. So, no pressure on any of that.

I had a late call tonight. Frogmorton came in, and then began to leap athletically from window to window in my office. I think I’m proud of the big hairy lummox. Sometimes I think I might be scared of his huge claws…

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