Running again

We drove down to Magnusson Park for La Serpiente’s final Ultimate Frisbee game of the season (which they won in short order, finishing in 30 minutes), which meant that the 5k run I did with my friend David finished slightly after the match, rather than halfway through as I’d planned. We did 5k in just over half an hour, which is way off the pace I used to run back when I was regularly training, but was nice and easy enough that I don’t feel I’m going to wake tomorrow a broken man.
Afterwards, we decamped to the tennis centre, where there’s a cafe overlooking some of the indoor courts. Unfortunately, the coffee is pretty bad there, but it was nice to sit and catch up for an hour, before we headed home.

In the afternoon, a glutton for punishment, I did half an hour of waving my arms in VR, and then tried to supervise the girls at play. They’ve been gifted a pair of stilts and a pogo stick, the latter of which seems like a very bad idea, but more of that later in my life.

As the mother of one of our friends has been single-parenting all week as the father is on a business trip, we invited her down to play as well, and this went well for a few hours (while I was busily engaged trying to prevent them killing themselves with the pogo stick) until she faceplanted from her scooter onto the pavement, grazing her knee and getting a big bump above her left eye. Not the right time to point out to the kids that they need to wear their helmets properly, but oh, that looked nasty.

I suppose I should be thankful that mine two were unscathed, and went to sleep reasonably fast tonight. That left me with fun things to do like watching videos on safety recalls and learning how to update the software on my car. Fun times!

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  1. Stilts & pogo sticks. What fun ! But so glad all 3 kids survived relatively unscathed ! Congrats to la serpiente on her team’s amazing result. What does destroyer do whilst waiting for the game to finish ?

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