Running cable

Today we starting running cable through the house. It’s taken a while to get here, but at last things are moving.
After putting down some plastic sheeting, my friend removed some drywall from near the door while I marked on each beam from the front to the back of the house, three crosses two inches apart and three inches from the top of the beam, and then my friend took his enormous drill and made three holes in each beam. If we’d had more clearance, a two inch gap would have been better, rather than have the old wood of the beams split as we went through it.

Then again, the renovation revealed that the previous renovation included removing a foot of a structural beam on the back wall, and the house is still standing, so, er, physics? So what?

With holes in beams from front to back of house, we could then start feeding Romex from the kitchen to the basement. This was slow and tiring work: you have both your hands above your head, yanking insulated cable through small holes, but in an hour we’d got the first two cables done, about fifty feet of cable, with four more to do tomorrow.

Then we can work on rewiring the house, hopefully getting the majority of it done before next Tuesday, when we move back in. We’re not quite at the point where the house is functional, but we are making solid, inexorable progress…

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