Running on empty

I didn’t really sleep last nigjt; nose streaming and throat thick with mucus, I tossed and turned until 3am, and then got woken by the children asking whether it was a school day or not, the clowns.
I took La Serpiente climbing and unlike the last time I did that, when I was too broken by my week to do anything, I got some climbing in, managing to do almost all the V2 bouldering problems, and mostly on my first attempt. Then we took the girls to a Halloween party and I drank four cups of coffee while my nose continued to run.

We went home, I passed out for a while, then woke and took the kids swimming. My nose continued to pour. The rains came in and my sinuses throbbed with the change in atmospheric pressure, and only when I got the kids back across town to meet my wife for ice cream did the torture stop. Well, that was probably the bottle of child-strength Clarytin I necked.

At least I’d worn the kids down. After their showers they were asleep within ten minutes and I got to watch the surprisingly good Office Christmas Party, and now here I am, trying to catch up with sleep, and my nose is still running.

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