Rushing to keep up

It’s been a busy few days, too busy even to write.

On Thursday, I took the day off so we could prepare for the family’s departure to Canada. After we’d finished packing, we drove down to Burien and spent some time in the Highline Museum, a cute little museum celebrating the local history, including a megasloth fossil discovered while the runway was being constructed at SeaTac.

Dropping them off at SeaTac was remarkably easy, because there was nobody there. The security line was practically non-existent, so I watched them go through security then drove home.

When I got home, it was to a message saying the flight to Vancouver had been delayed by half an hour. As they only had an hour to make the transfer, I was a bit worried, but then I checked and saw the plane they would be getting onto was also delayed, so everything would be fine.

I settled down to watch Candyman, calling Air Canada just in case to try to preempt things, just in case. I was on hold for 55 minutes, and then the call was dropped, and in the meantime the original plane they were meant to be getting onto became so late that Air Canada swapped a different plane in, which left on time (five minutes after my wife’s inbound flight arrived) and I was left with nothing to figure out what was going on.

They got put on another (delayed) flight to Toronto, getting to Halifax 4 hours later than planned, with luggage lost for a day, as is traditional. At least Air Canada felt guilty enough to refund the $30 baggage fee and pay for the extra underpants they bought.

I went climbing, watched some TV (too much TV), picked up my new electric bike from REI and then got stinking drunk on the sofa on Friday, and woke at midnight with the TV blaring.

Saturday: got a pannier bag for my new bike, lay on the sofa, did almost all the washing up, read the girls their bedtime story, went out and played a game of epic Warhammer 40,000 (all my army got blown up by evil orks flying divebombers), went home, passed out. Onwards!

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  1. So sorry to hear of the flight delays and mis communications. Hope they weren’t too stressed. I suspect you took on their stress !
    Now it’s time for you to relax for a few hours before paid work resumes on Monday.
    Any more news on the feral, ( meant to say feline ).

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