Rushing to the end of the week

Today, with the best of intentions, I tried to avoid eating pizza. I even ate porridge for breakfast, and skipped pizza at lunch, a decision made easier by it being pesto and ricotta, not a favourite combination for me. But by the evening, in a rush to get a hair cut, I was back to cheese-coated bread shenanigans again.
This was another day that passed in a daze for me. I can’t blame jet lag any more, but staying up past midnight is probably a larger cause of my midday sleepiness. So tonight, asleep before midnight.

I stayed late at work tonight, skimming my fundamentals in accounting course for my MBA, then left for a haircut, got my beard shaved off too, which made me look both angrier and more tired, if anything, then went home to lose 2-0 in a game of Blood Bowl where I threw away too many good chances. Although I did foul one elf to death and broke another one’s collarbone. It’s nice playing orcs sometimes…

Anyway,after a exciting week of not buying a house it’s almost time to return to Singapore. One more day at the office, five more games of Blood Bowl…

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