I took La Serpiente to school on the back of my bike today, which she was very happy about, although she wanted me to go faster, and then I went to work, via the doctor to see if I had strep throat or not. Then after a day at the office, I took my wife for dinner at Samara.
Samara is a restaurant right by Destroyer’s preschool, which we often stare longingly at, but can’t go in, because it’s closed at 9am. But tonight we got a table at 8:45, which was bad, because our babysitter came at 7, so we were in a pub for an hour before we walked to the restaurant.

That meant we were quite sauced before we got there, so we probably shouldn’t have ordered bread and cheese and mushrooms and carrots, as well as the best, most succulent pork I’ve had in a quarter of a century.

Carrots are a strange thing to get excited about, but charred carrots with a miso sesame sauce were really something else. The mushrooms paled into comparison. I was speechless after the pork sausage and the tender, moist meat. I literally sat there, dead eyed, incapable of anything for a good few minutes.

So that was a decent meal.

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