Same mistake as always

I had far too much coffee this morning, so I was a bleary eyed, over stimulated wreck by midday. Somehow I survived this and trundled down to REI, where they’re selling the same ice cream balls we bought at MEC earlier this summer. They also sold a wonderful sweatproof bag at REI, so I can transport my sweaty sports gear and shoes in a slightly more stylish way that a couple of old carrier bags. Having shopped, and tried on some shoes, we returned home, and I then binge watched the last three episodes of the fourth season of Breaking Bad, the first episode of the Spanish remake, and two dreadful episodes of Family Guy.

Well, two episodes of Family Guy.

I got to have two calls with my wife and children back in Singapore. The girls have been very jet lagged and as a result happily gibbering at implausible hours of the morning, but my wife is sort of holding it together in the face of La Serpiente”s madness: perhaps they’ll all survive until I get back. I hope so.

I also ate an entire bag of jujubes (this was a very bad idea) and so felt utterly noisome. It’s a good life if you don’t weaken. And so to bed.

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