Sand in the head

This was one of those days where I got no sleep, so I was in a grim mood all day. I managed some of the things a human might do : I went to the grocery store, I bought fresh biscuits for breakfast, I even took the girls to the bakery, but I was walking around with a head full of sand, flabbergasted by the world.
At least I got a couple of naps in today or I would have been done for. I also managed 16 pull ups, my target for today, and the same number of pull ups that I did in the first five days of January in total. This is important because tomorrow I go climbing for the first time in two months, and I need to replace some skill with just brute strength.

I planned to go to bed early tonight. La Serpiente is sleeping diagonally across our entire bed, and resists being shifted. Who knows how tomorrow’s climb will go?

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