Saturday evening

After yesterday’s forgettable art experience, I spent most of today trying to achieve things:

  • the girls both played a game of Blood Bowl
  • I took the girls to their swimming lessons
  • I took the girls to see some goats and cows

If it sounds like I was fully a part of my daughters’ lives, let me also mention that at 6:30 pm, I handed them over to our friends where they were having a sleepover tonight, and then I went out to get very drunk with my wife.

For some time now, we’ve had a mutual agreement with friends that from time to time, one couple will offload their kids on the other. The children all get on so they’re happy to have a sleep over. We’re all happy because we get a free baby sitter, with the added benefit that we’re not rushing guiltily home at the end of the evening to relieve anyone of our kids. The only slightly problematic thing is our friends have one son, whereas we have two daughters. Thus when we take on their child, we’ve only increased the problem set by 50%, whereas they get a 200% increase in children for the evening, and that feels a touch unfair.

Still, earlier in the day I’d worn both girls out by making them play Blood Bowl. Both of them won 1-0 in their separate games, because small children don’t do well if somebody 5 or 6 times their age screams ‘LOSER!’ in their face while flinging dice around the room, and also, well, I’d get in trouble with my wife if I’d done that. Hopefully this is just the start of their ridiculous addiction to the game.

Before that, I’d gone to take the kids out for coffee (well, coffee for me, I’m not mad enough to add caffeine to the girls yet). I hadn’t realised that because of some festival or other, there were two goats and two cows in the car park by the coffee shop today. I told the girls it was a Corner Goat (because it was round the corner) and they happily repeated this, blessed gullible folk that they are. (A bit like the Roof Goat we saw on the roof of a hut in Kent a few years ago.)

So all in all, a good Saturday, priming me for the madness of the evening. Gin, gin, and then cocktails are planned.

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