Saturday Saturday Saturday

We went back to the aquarium this morning for a few more hours of looking at fish. Unlike last time, when the girls were impossible to shift from the touch pools, today they sprinted through the galleries in order to look at the seals, had a short burst of staring at tropical fish, and were then ready to leave. Their ulterior motive was to get us to pay for them to go on the Ferris wheel (nope) and then we drove home.
We had a call with our general contractor today, to go over a litany of different questions around our house. I think the end is in sight, although there’s still fairly scary things like an absent HVAC subcontractor when winter is approaching, and strange bits of conversation where I’d point out we didn’t need a transom window if we just specified a larger casement window for the same damn hole, but I guess occasionally I have the advantage of a fresh brain.

Then, with my wife retiring to nap for a few minutes, I had some electrical exploration of the house to do, culminating in us realising we can’t run wire through the bedroom ceiling without lots of pain and suffering, and then some productive work in the basement. On the ship drives, towards the end …

In the evening, we went next door and had dinner with our neighbours. The kids gambolled and frolicked and then melted down at bedtime, and then I schemed on watching the entirety of the Lord of the Rings trilogy, until I realised the films are a combined twelve hour time commitment. Maybe not tonight then…

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