Scaling heights

I left Frogmorton at home today while I went to the office: loud woodwork was planned in the bedroom so I doubted my ability to work. We’re having a duct built to bring the air conditioning up to our bedroom, and that involves venting it under our wardrobes, which then had to be moved to allow the carpentry to take place.
When I got home this evening, Frogmorton sallied forth to inspect the work, and I caught him eying up the wardrobes. Now, bearing in mind these are a good seven feet tall, it was impressive when he leapt up and managed to get half way up one, before sliding down again.

I, on the other hand, ate salad.

Tomorrow, I expect more hammering, which means it’s back to the office for me, despite my sore and aching legs. Onward, with less than a week til my beloved family return…

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