School and back again

Today I had to pick up some forms for La Serpiente’s enrolment: if I’d planned better I would have got my friend who lives right next to the school to collect them for me, but instead I endured two Uber drives in the middle of the day and rolled nauseously between vehicles before going back to the office with a buff envelope full of forms I don’t need, and the ability to pay for a school photo when La Serpiente won’t actually be in the country to have the photo taken. Technology is either really good, or not that good yet.
Then, after another hour at the office, I was done, proper stick a fork in me dome, so I went home, played some banjo, disposed of 20 more cardboard boxes, struggled with a different online registration form for school, went to see a friend to get at least some human interaction, then went home again and played on the Xbox a bit too much.

And so to bed. I really must tidy the house before anyone comes home.

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  1. I’ve decided I need to start reading this again, like an end of August resolution. I’ve just read CBT for Dummies to get over my slight tendency to procrastinate so here goes…

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