School Concert

Today was the day of the school concert. After two years ago being in a small hall, and last year in a community centre, this year the school hired an enormous theatre at the top of the Bugis + mall, and went insane on the production values.
There was a teacher inside a C-3P0 costume. There was a projection screen that was twenty feet high. There were fifteen three year olds dressed up as Yoda, playing the Imperial March from Star Wars. The whole thing was epic.

Two years ago, La Serpiente had stage fright and stood silently instead of singing "Splish splash I was having a bath". Last year she mucked about on stage with one of her friends while Destroyer watched, rapt with attention. This time, La Serpiente appointed herself master of ceremonies, sternly instructing the other children when they missed their cues or stood in the wrong place. Destroyer did a very serious asteroid themed dance.

La Serpiente was in almost everything. She played her pianica. She was in a Japanese song about Ultraman. She was in the cheerleading demonstration. In fact, I think in total she took part in six different song-and-dance numbers. No wonder she was tired by the end.

I just sat and watched the extravaganza, an occasional tear in my eye. It was dust. I’m not crying. You’re crying.

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