School run

This morning I walked both my girls to the preschool where they’re spending the week. Because my children don’t yet understand grid systems, they spent almost the entire journey telling me I was going the wrong way, and how it was so unfair that I hadn’t walked them past Salmon Bay School (which has a playground outside). Then I walked them past Salmon Bay School.
They argued about who could press the button at street crossings. They squabbled about who was allowed to sing songs from Frozen. They refused to believe it didn’t matter who say a particular dog first. And they kept telling me I was walking the wrong way.

This last was the most aggravating, as even as we walked down the very street the pre school was on, try continued to tell me I’d got it all wrong.

And then my Uber took 15 minutes to arrive to take me away from it all.

On the positive side, Destroyer does at least stick up for La Serpiente. Unfortunately, this is usually where I’m telling La Serpiente she can’t do something, like walk in traffic or tear up flowers or shout at the top of her voice, at which point Destroyer chimes in to tell me I’m not being nice. Oh, the joys of parenting.

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