School stories

I read today that if you want your children to tell you about their day, the best way to do it is to tell them about yours first, rather than ask them questions. I’m not sure about the wisdom of this advice; it was from a primary school teacher who at least did similar things to her daughter. Not sure La Serpiente will be interested in the time I condensed a 50 slide PowerPoint deck to 49 slides, or the expense reports I’ve submitted. But we can at least try.

Today would have been more boring than most, as all I did was doze, brain ruined with the effort of battling shingles. I did excite my daughter by having a new watch today, but otherwise my shuffling from bedroom to kitchen to bathroom and back to bed was hardly a tale for the ages. Although if you like slapstick, misapplying calamine lotion all down your leg is always a blast.

I missed out on going to a Mussorgsky concert tonight, and that made me sad, but while my wife gallivanted, I got to stay at home and look at the internet. So perhaps I’m ahead.

Or perhaps not.

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  1. Such a shame man, we nearly had some scintillating observations about a musical event, but I’ll take PowerPoint slides, calamine lotion and expense reports. Certainly more sexy than utility bills!

    On the topic of having a wife gallivanting, I checked the verb’s meaning on Google – “go around from one place to another in the pursuit of pleasure or entertainment”.

    This doesn’t sound good. I advise as soon as you’re shingles-free, you do some gallivanting of your own!

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