My wife and I went to the Seadragons’ first match in Seattle today, in frigid temperatures. The first three quarters of the game was a snooze; Seattle went up 12 points in the first quarter, then held the St Louis Battlehawks to 11 points until the closing minutes of the game, when they went ahead. With a minute to go, the Seadragons scored again, but left just too much time and the Battlehawks kicked a field goal to win by a single point at the end.
That result flattered the Seadragons, given the penalties they gave up and multiple turnovers. If the Battlehawks’ kicker hadn’t kept whiffing attempts, it could have been a 7 point deficit, and the Seadragons scored zero points from the end of the first quarter through to a minute from the end.

When even an ingenue like me cab see the failing strategy of trying to throw the ball thirty yards rather than just run it four yards three times, you have to wonder what the coach is doing. The fans behind me yelled "you suck!" and that was a pretty good summary of their performance tonight. And these were meant to be the favourites, coming into the season. Hopefully things get better in the rest of the season…

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