It snowed pretty heavily in the night: the girls woke us at 7 to tell us this, and (as is their way) then stood with the front door wide open for ten minutes with wind and snow blowing into the house. I was a little concerned about driving in this weather, but apart from the car almost being stuck in our friends’ back yard (because snow prevented the gate from opening fully) driving wasn’t a big deal. The wind blew, the streets were white with snow, but we got to the stadium without any trouble.
The seats we got for cheap were true nosebleeds: in the penultimate row (DD) at the very top of one of the stands. I suppose in a small mercy that put us under the roof and free from snow, but it was still bitterly cold. Suffering a combination of vertigo and shocked by the loud noise, Destroyer wept for ten minutes at the start of the game, and the roar of the crowd was too much for La Serpiente too, so I spent most of the first half going up and down to buy ear protection for them, and missed the excitement of the match.

And after the halftime, the kids were done and we took them home rather than make them go through the second half, which meant we missed the Seahawks squander their advantage and lose 25-24 in the closing moments of the match.

On the positive side, we now have a Seahawks blanket, two small mascots and a pair of ear defenders suitable for a small child. And I’m chilled to the bone. I suppose that was one way to figure out they’re not thrilled by American football…

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