Seaside Sevens 2023

It was foggy when I left for Everett, and the poor visibility continued all the way to the bowling alley. I was lucky though: twenty minutes later there was a long traffic jam, probably caused by a crash in the fog. We started half an hour late, and then because Sevens is a fast format, caught up over the rest of the day.
I always run a custom weather table for the event, and almost always the weather remains the same: regular conditions. So it was today, until the final game was played in torrential rain, mirroring the environment outside.

We had a total of ten players (two late drop outs due to illness) which was a fair turnout, as Sevens has niche appeal within the niche that is Blood Bowl.

My games were a mixed bag. In my first, my dice were hot and I obliterated my opponent. In my second, I couldn’t pick up the ball to save my life and lost 2-0, and a similar slump in the third match had me going into the second half with two losses and one win.

But again, dice get hot, dice cool off: I won the next match 3-0 when my opponent couldn’t catch a break, and then in the finale, I was slaughtered in the first half, and then could only watch as my opponent marched to a 1-0 victory.


On the final turn of the game, there was a touchback as the ball went out of bounds, and then the referee added an extra turn to play, and the runner that had just recovered from a knock out tool the ball and raced it forward. I screened up, looking to score and then the other coach tried to take me out, but on a single dice block rolled a skull, rerolled to another skull, and then I just had to roll a 2 or better on a dice to equalise.

Which, bizarrely, I managed, so that was quite the way to finish.

Exhausted, after the prize giving (I really wish I could engineer a situation where I’m not playing and stressing over organization at the same time) I drove home, starting to think about what next year looks like…

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