Seattle Aquarium

We took the girls to the Seattle Aquarium today; they were accompanied by four of their friends, plus three parents, one of which was suffering the after effects of bad shellfish from yesterday – being a real trouper, she’d made it out today.
The Seattle Aquarium isn’t bad; we’ve been spoiled by things like Osaka, or Kuala Lumpur, or Pingtung, or Lisbon. Seattle is on a much smaller scale, which is a little surprising given it’s a rich coastal city, but there was still fun stuff to see, like a Pacific Octopus, various seals and otters, and tanks for the kids to touch anemones.

The stifling heat made things harder (I wished I’d drunk more water and had a bigger breakfast) but the kids seemed undaunted throughout and the staff were friendly and always ready with information about the exhibits. We learned that a leopard seal can get up to two tonnes, and that sturgeon can live for a hundred years. So much rich information.

After lunch at the café, we drove back and then had a water fight at a friend’s house, the afternoon rushing past us. Stopping only to pet the bunny, the girls were asleep before eight and I returned to shuttling between this home and the AirBnb, gradually removing stuff. Three days to go…

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