Second shot

This afternoon I drove back to Tacoma for my second covid vaccination. It took about as long to drive there as last time (an hour) and as I went past the Tacoma Dome this time the car was filled with the stench of cow manure. What is going on down there?
It took about an hour from start to finish, including the mandatory sitting around for fifteen minutes waiting for a reaction. Then I drove back via Le Donuts, another small and slightly decrepit doughnut shop that sold me maybe my best ever maple bar.

So far, no major side effects. My arm is sore where I had the injection, but nothing else is happening. However, I’m warned that it kicks in at 24 hours, so possibly around 3pm tomorrow I’ll be suffering flu-tyoe effects. I really hope not…

In two weeks, I guess the vaccination will be as good as it gets. Then maybe some semblance of normality returns, as vaccinated people can visit each others houses. I can hardly wait …

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