Second time around

I had my second driving test today and (spoiler alert) passed. I got 86% this time around, rather than failing for driving too fast. That’s 2% worse than my knowledge test, which suggests in theory I’m still a better driver than in practice.
This time round, it was a rainy, miserable day, but I had paid $40 extra to have half an hour in the car beforehand, to familiarise myself with it. I also handily found out that the speed limit on Seattle roads isn’t 30mph,lile I thought, but generally just 25 (and everyone drives faster than that, but still complains Seattlites stick to the limit, which really does prove Nobody Knows Anything).

It was handy to go over the criteria they assess on (and things that I’d never understood, like exactly where you stop for a stop sign) and I was feeling quite relaxed, until we started the actual test.

Then I was a jangly mess of nerves again. I thought I’d be failed for going through an amber light at an intersection, I managed to curb the car at one point, and with the rain and the heat from the car, I wasn’t sure if I was getting hot and bothered or if I was just hot. We trundled back to the driving school and I got the glad (but kind of unexpected) news.

There were a few things I was doing wrong. My reversing round a corner was a bit wobbly and not close enough to the curb. I don’t go into the correct lane when I make a left turn, and I really struggle with this turning the wheel to the curb / away from the curb when I park. But no mention of that amber light, and I managed to dodge all the oncoming school buses. Now I just have the final achievement to unlock – getting my full license at the DMV…

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  1. So glad there was a spoiler alert today, almost afraid to read on. Congratulations on passing your test. I did smile at all those notices in Ballard – 20 is plenty. I thought a public spirited resident had put them up !!

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