Seven Bays again

I returned to Seven Bays today and climbed for an hour, dangled from the chin up bar for a minute. Just like Seattle Bouldering Project, the grades are vague and the problems are hard and there’s very little easy stuff to do. I think I did one route that might count as a V3 or a V2 or a V1. It’s very difficult to say.
I also expounded my theory to anyone that would listen, that a good climber is like a monkey obsessed with ballet – lots of hanging from straight arms, while standing en pointe and trying to look as elegant as possible. Well, it’s a theory.

As I haven’t climbed for two weeks I was pretty worn out, and then in the afternoon we took the girls swimming. Swimming always leaves me feeling very sleepy afterwards, and this was no exception. Luckily, we took the girls to a friend’s place for dinner and didn’t go home until 915,both girls screaming their lungs out in protest before falling straight to sleep,clutching my neck

And that was Monday.

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