Sevens At The Seaside

Today I abandoned the wife and kids to drive up to Everett for my Blood Bowl tournament. For about half an hour I thought we had an odd number of players, which would have meant I needed to play to get an even number of people. Instead, I got to spend the day answering questions on the vile and complicated rules we’d devised for the game, and eating chips.
Blood Bowl is a very frustrating game, and the additional rules we’d come up with could have piled on the frustration, so I was slightly worried half way through the day somebody would get in a rage and flip the table, but we survived without that, as I think everyone was bound together with the mutual pain of a game that included a sewage leak, a noisy fairground and a lobster being substituted for the ball.

There were a few questions about the rules that we hadn’t anticipated, so I’m sure we’ll do better the next time we put this one forward, but all in all things went without a hitch, and we even finished an hour ahead of schedule. I’d have liked to have got a few games in myself, but in retrospect it was best not to.

Things to remember for next time: we got good feedback on the scoring sheets, but we should have included a space for chainsaw casualties on there too. Some of the rule modifications were just too complicated for people to remember and we needed to state upfront the conditions for tie breakers) as we ended up with the top three players all getting two wins and three draws) but otherwise, easier than I had expected. Would have been good to remember the prizes too, but you can’t do everything right first time…

Hopefully we can do it again in six months time…

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