As the afternoon drew to a close, we played sevens. This is a drinking game where you sit in a circle, counting upwards in clockwise order. Every time you have a number with a 7 in it, or a multiple of 7, you clap your hands instead and the order reverses. And every time you say the wrong number, or clap when you should speak or speak when you should clap, you take a shot and the count goes back to 1. It took us two hours to get to 29.
Down at street level, practice was starting for the races this weekend. Disappointingly, the cars no longer make terrifying roaring noises as they go past, just high pitched whining, like hair dryers with regenerative braking. Or perhaps with a surfeit of wine in me, I was prone to disappointment.

I took the train one stop and went to Lau Pa Sat, where I met my family and also some friends who were travelling through Singapore on their honeymoon. I met the wife almost eight years ago, back when I was starting out in stand-up comedy. How strange the journey from there to here has been. If it hasn’t been for her, I’d never have visited Belitung and seen its famous geckoes, or eaten white rice and French fries for a week.

Our girls were well behaved, despite being out far too late. La Sepriente went a bit crazy at the end and went on a long run through the Central Business District, but that was nothing I couldn’t handle. I see it as a warm up for tomorrow’s run. If she is good and doesn’t leap from the stroller, I’ll bribe her with more milk…

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