I went to mail a package to the UK today. The girls accompanied me on a walk up to Sip and Ship, the local shipping joint, and to ask questions to distract me while I got the package weighed. Until they told me the price: $215 to send it. As this contained something worth about $25, it seemed a little disproportionate. I asked if there were a cheaper option. $125, and it would arrive some time next year. So I walked home again and didn’t mail my package.
In the evening, after a game of Blood Bowl, we had a call with our friends in Vancouver. We drank cider, discussed the world for a couple of hours, until La Serpiente came down to drag my wife away. Then I sat on my ownsome and watched YouTube until my brain was fried, and then went off to bed to read a book. And then of course La Serpiente came in to sleep next to me, because she wants to touch all the parents tonight. Bless.

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